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Carpentry Work

What We Do

In the carpentry arena, we specialize in, but are not limited to fine finish carpentry, rough carpentry, metal and wood studs, drywall, drop and hard ceilings, selective demolition along with general & construction management.  Regarding electrical, we specialize in structured cable plants, fiber optics, security systems, access control systems, fire alarm system, along with audio/visual sound systems. All of our services allow our customers flexibility in scheduling, budget and cost control.

The Benefits of Hiring a Self-Performing Contractor



Self-performing contractors have much previous experience working with one trade in its entirety.  They have acquired a comprehensive knowledge on materials, labor requirements and market variations that may affect the project.  What a valuable resource!


Higher degree of safety

One of the advantages of hiring a self-performing contractor is the obvious heightened safety measures on site. Specialized crews who constantly work together on similar projects become seasoned safety inspectors from knowing all facets associated with that particular type of construction.


Time Saver

When workers know their trade and have worked on a plethora of job sites, they know just what to do. Typically, there’s no waiting around and they start their project as quickly as possible.

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