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Carpentry Work



Modern Specialty Contractors, LLC (MSC) is a unique organization combining self-performing capabilities with the understanding of how those functions interact with other trades on the overall project. MSC management has extensive experience with general contracting and construction management. Self-performing contractors employ their own work force that focuses precisely on one aspect of construction.  They know initially how to get the needed work done most  proficiently without an endless search for quality sub-contractors.   

It’s a no-brainer to hire a self-performing contractor. Typically, it assures the customer of a highly skilled work force who specialize in a specific aspect of construction. This trade focus leads to more efficiency, dependable schedules and information about the budget is more precise.   Research has revealed that there’s an increase in self-performing construction and using it can result in increased access to a specialized labor force for customers. In the long run, it often results in lower end costs and reduced risks.  Because the construction industry is starving for skilled tradesmen, reliance on all subcontracted labor usually results in schedule delays.  However, self-performing contractors are more adept and can intervene quickly to head off problems or specific challenges.





Jeffrey Williams

President & Managing Partner

Jeffrey Williams has worked in the construction industry since 1975. Having worked for a number of construction companies, he branched out to own & operate several successful construction companies in both Connecticut & Massachusetts. A few noteworthy customers include United Technologies, UMASS, Bank of America, and AIG.  With many years of experience in all phases of construction, Jeffrey is dedicated to getting the best job done for his customers.  He’s also a former Building Inspector and Licensed Construction Supervisor for the City of Springfield, MA.  Therefore, he is very familiar with building codes and construction site assessment.

Robert S. Tripi

Vice President

Robert S. Tripi, another 40 year veteran in the industry, has owned and operated an Electrical Contracting company whose primary focus was low voltage communications and security installations. His company was a major supplier of Voice/Date Security System and integration. He has worked with United Technologies, Pitney Bowes, and General Electric. Bob has also worked in the capacity as a Director of Business Development, a Project Executive and as The Director of Special Projects in Western Mass, New York State and Connecticut.

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